What Is Autogenics?

Autogenics is a skill to help reclaim inner balance and a calm state of being.  The practice is accumulative like an energetic bank account, the more you practice the more relief and control you will processes.  Once the Autogenic training is conditioned in the nervous system  twenty minutes of Autogenics can be equal to two to three hours of sleep.

Autogenics is helpful for the following….

  • Depression
  • Hypertension
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Muscle and headache Pain
  • Digestive Disorders
  • Pain During Child Birth
  • Sleeplessness
  • Enhanced Sports Performance
  • Increased Ability to Concentrate and Apply Learning Experiences
  • Experience More Harmony Between The Mind and Emotions
  • Aids in Entering Higher States of Awareness
  • Connect With Your Intuitive Intelligence

What Does a Autogenic Session Look Like?

A typical Autogenic session lasts one hour. Initially an individual will be guided to repeat instructional phrases to themselves that have a relationship to their breathing, heart rate, temperature, and other systems of their body. Once all of these systems are in harmony with themselves the brain activates a self directed healing state.

As a practitioner and teacher of Autogenics, Judy guides and monitors each client closely to ensure the body is able to enter the Autogenic State with ease. If ever there is a block to attaining this relaxed state, Judy collaborates with her client using intuitive and empathic skills to help decode what messages the body carries. Judy can also use Biofeedback techniques to track the physiological changes happening in the body while learning Autogenic Training.

“After a very traumatic car accident and near death experience, Judy received a diagnosis of chemical diabetes. A chemical diabetic is akin to Juvenille Diabetes in that the condition was not brought on by food or lifestyle choices, instead it was the result of her pancreas shutting down from the chronic stress and pain. After visiting the Mayo Clinic and being told she had 6-9 weeks before becoming completely dependent on Insulin, Judy decided that she had 6-9 weeks to find a way to heal herself. Through working with the Autogenics and other healing modalities offered through Dr. Shealy’s Clinic Judy has healed herself completely of chemical diabetes. She was even able to force her insurance company to delete the diabetes diagnosis from her permanent record since her blood sugar consistently tested normal-even while pregnant with her daughter thirteen years later.”

“Autogenics quiets and centers the self at a very deep, mind-body and spirit level. It is unlike meditation or hypnosis; It is equal to a spa treatment, in the comfort of your own home. It quiets the mind and relaxes and revitalizes the body, It uplifts the spirit too! I always feel inspired to write afterwards so I have many beautiful journal entrees to use for reflection. Autogenics is a wonderful blessing and is a part of my every day spiritual practice.”
“My first experience with the bowls was profound. When my bowl was first struck the sound immediately went to my core and tears sprang to my eyes. “A flat” was the note and it has proven to be the most powerful source for healing my body that I have ever encountered. Old running injuries have fallen away and I am now running and living without pain. I know this is only the beginning of my self realization and empowerment. I am truly grateful for this healing form every day.”
“With Judy’s help, I was able to feel complete coherence for the first time in my life. My breathing and heartbeat were in a level of harmony that I have never experienced through any other meditative practice.”