Intuitive Consultations

Intuitive Consultations

What Does an Intuitive Consultation Look Like?

Judy’s Intuitive Counseling work is at the heart and soul of what she does. Judy is an Intuitive Empath, which gives her access to information that most people have trouble decoding. She uses these innate gifts to convert the messages of the soul to symbolic imagery that her clients can understand and apply in a practical way.

As an intuitive, Judy senses messages from the subconscious realm. She aligns herself with Source Energy and then partners with her clients to deliver messages that come through her. Not to be confused with a psychic, Judy does not read fortunes or predict the future. She does, however, help people connect with their highest and deepest truths that will help liberate them from stuck and repeating patterns.

As an Empath, Judy can literally feel other people’s emotions. This is particularly helpful when a client is unsure what underlying emotions and feelings are associated with the presenting life challenge. Together, these gifts bring much-needed solutions efficiently and accurately.

Before the consultation, each person is given a consent form acknowledging that they understand that the intuitive information is not a substitute for a medical diagnosis or treatment.